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Mythical Menagerie

Show Program

A mischievous sorceress has unleashed the beasts of Pandora's Box! Join our brave bounty hunter as he attempts to round up these elusive mythical creatures while they enchant, electrify, and entertain.

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From slithering basilisks and soaring dragons to juggling dwarves and sparkly unicorns - this show has something for everyone! You can try to resist the sirens’ song, but this magical soiree will keep you mesmerized.


Mischevious Sorcery

Prepare to be enchanted as the mischevious sorceress takes flight on her aerial cube, weaving a tale of sorcery and acrobatic wonder. Allow her to transport you to a realm where imagination knows no bounds and the boundaries between reality and magic blur into a magnificent display.


Sirens' Song

Enter a world where the ethereal melodies of the sea intertwine with captivating aerial artistry. Their synchronized routine weaves a tale of enchantment, evoking the allure and mystery of the mythical sirens.


Pixie Rings

Keep a close eye on your jewelry - a pixie is on the loose! With her cunning wit and quick moves, she sneaks away with all the shiniest rings to add to her collection. Watch as she celebrates her treasures through joyful dance and shimmering shapes.


Mermaid Metamorphosis

A curious mermaid gets caught in a fisherman's net, unaware of its magical properties. To her surprise, the net transforms her tail into legs, filling her with wonder. She joyfully explores unfamiliar shapes and experiences that she has only witnessed from the world above the water's surface.


Prehistoric Flight

Join Aerosaur the Dragon for a flight of ferocity and prehistoric whimsy as this dino-dragon soars through the sky.



Spiral Seas

Rolling Dragon

Birthed of vaporous rain, threads of serpentine breath dance in the depths of oceanic canyons. Witness the shape shifting element of water embody dragon power to renew our connections to “chi” life force energy. Rolling wheels of time spiral the roots of space into conscious light in this innovative integration of flow arts.


Dance of the Dryads

Be amazed as the forest comes alive in this enchanting partner acrobatics performance.

With playfulness and finesse, the Dryads come to life and captivate the audience, evoking the beauty of nature through fluid movements, elegant shapes, and breathtaking stunts!


The Forge-Hammer Juggling Dwarves

The Forge-Hammer Juggling Dwarves hail from a distant land of fire and metal where they mold the stubborn elements of the earth to their will to create their legendary fiery juggling hammers. It is said that the eternal fire of the forge can still be seen glimmering in the metal of each of their enchanted hammers. Watch closely, or you might miss it, as the fire tempered Dwarves skillfully perform the finishing flairs on their latest masterpieces.


Bendy Basilisks Unleashed

Eye contact with a Basilisk is a one way ticket to hades. Let's pray the Basilisk hunter can successfully slay them.


Carousel Hulacorns

Step into a world of enchantment as hula hooping unicorns come to life in a dazzling display of light and motion. With each twirl and spin, the carousel unicorns create a symphony of color and light.



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Thank you!

Thank you for showing up to support local Sacramento performance arts! Your support means the world to us as we work to spread the love of circus far and wide. Our community of performance artists thrives because of supporters like you, and the entire Aries Moon Circus family sincerely thanks you from the bottom of our boundless hearts.

About the Venue

The Historic Colonial Theatre

This local performing arts theater has been around since the early 1940's, and has been cared for by the Santillan family for generations. Much of the theater has been preserved to its original charm. The atmosphere is grand, yet comforting. As soon as we saw it, we knew this was the perfect place for That Circus Show - appreciating vintage craft through a modern lens.


For decades, The Colonial Theatre has been a Sacramento community hub for the performing arts, from live theater, music, and film, to pro wrestling and boxing!

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The Colonial


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