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That Circus Show!

Show Program

Sit back and enjoy this variety showcase of classic circus through a modern lens. Full of cheeky humor, daring stunts, and acts we guarantee you’ve never seen: Trapeze mimes, handstand magic, unique aerial arts, hula-hoopers on roller skates, feats of unnatural strength, whip cracking, sassy lions, and so much more!

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Act 1

AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Matt Fantastic.jpg


Matt Fantastic

Join our ringmaster as he introduces you to a world of circus magic. His whimsical banter will guide you on this journey of joy, wonder, and amazement! Plus, he has a few of his own tricks up his sleeves...

AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Reno.jpg

Show of Hands


A dramatic show of strength and prowess. He will start with some floor work, then some hand balances on one cane, then two, then one cane taller than the other, and finally the canes at their maximum height with various handstand shapes and moves.

Instagram: @Reno.Gorman


YouTube: @RenoGorman

AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Laura & Danielle.jpg

Talking is Overrated

Laura & Danielle

Much like children, Mimes exaggerate their thoughts, emotions, and desires to the fullest. This piece is no different. When the music strikes the mimes must choose to share, steal, or walk away. The rest you will have to come see to find out.

Instagram: & @dlmjohnson

Facebook: @vibeaerialarts


AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Justine Livs.jpg

To Be Free

Justine Livs

Sick of jumping through hoops, the caged tiger dreams of a different life: one where she is free to play, dance, and reimagine her connection to a prop that once tamed her.

Instagram: @supernovaspins_


AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Haley.jpg

That's the Way I Like It


This mesmerizing maiden is sure to bring a smile to your face in this playful and extra

funk-ified aerial hoop act. And that's the way she likes it!

Instagram: @hellohyacinth

AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Midtown Juggler.jpg

Clubbing Clowns

Midtown Juggler & Sam

Have you ever gone "clubbing" with clowns? Prepare for a juggling wonderland of lights, colors, and duo juggling patterns that will leave you thoroughly impressed! These clowns know exactly how to handle juggling clubs.

Instagram: @themidtownjuggler & @sam4slack

Facebook: @midtownjuggler

AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Savanna & Reno.jpg

Circus Inspiration

Savanna & Reno

Savanna is a muggle whose soul is being crushed by the Man and the square life. Luckily, free spirited circus freak Reno happens to notice she needs a little pick-me-up to spark the inner child that yearns to play and be free. Will she give into the circus inspiration? Tune in to find out!

Instagram: @Savannamaee & @Reno.Gorman

15 Minute Intermission

Help yourselves to concessions available in the theater lobby - popcorn, candy, and drinks are the best accompaniments to a circus show!

AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Kimmie Lollie.jpg

I'll Fly Away

Kimmie & Lollie

Join these lovely winged circus creatures as they take you on a flight you won't soon forget. Flowy wings will carry you through a circus wonderland of joy, fun, and beauty.

Instagram: @spinityflows & @lolliegagging


Act 11

AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Adam & Sol Aura.jpg

The Bottom Line

Adam & Sol Aura

Every circus faces corporate pressure to sell more tickets. This circus is no different. Get a behind-the-curtains view of what goes into training this circus' most ferocious beast.

Instagram: @smuschy

Facebook: @solauradance


AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Demetria.jpg

Bears After-Hours


What do circus bears do in the after hours? Wouldn't you like to know! This furry professional will show you exactly how bears like to unwind after a long day of work. Just make sure you can keep up, because this is a wild animal that like to have F-U-N!

Instagram: @diary_of_an_aerhead

AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Kimmie Stacey.jpg

Lollipop Loves

Kimmie & Stacey Diamond

The rootin'-est tootin'-est most adorable sweethearts you've ever laid eyes on! These lollipop ladies will satisfy your sweet tooth and wow your senses with incredible feats of flexibility, strength, and grace. Hope you've got a good dentist because this duo is so sweet it'll give you a cavity!

Instagram: @spinityflows & @stacey_diamond


AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Lollie.jpg

Strong They


Witness unnatural feats of strength as our resident strongthey lifts unbelievable weights with power, style, and "grace."

Instagram: @lolliegagging

AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Sol Aura.jpg

Rollin’ in Technicolor

Sol Aura

The digital age presents a world of technicolor at our fingertips, and this piece electro-swing skates into it! Luminous circles of color multiply, divide, and glide in harmony with their 8 wheeled companions below. This innovative performance expands on fundamental geometries for a refreshing twist on circus arts.


Facebook: @solauradance


AMC - TCS - Performer Highlight - Selysa Love & Chris.jpg

Slumber Slump

Selysa Love & Chris

A riveting performance by two acrobats who have definitely gotten enough sleep. Moony is shuffled, slung, and catapulted around stage by Sunny as they captivate with jaw dropping stunts. Okay fine, maybe only one of them is well rested. Do you think the audience will notice?

Instagram: @SelysaLove & @Acro_Chimp


AMC Circus Team_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you!

Thank you for showing up to support us in our first ever ticketed show! Your support means the world to us as we work to spread the love of circus arts far and wide. Our local community of performance artists thrives because of supporters like you, and the entire Aries Moon Circus family sincerely thanks you from the bottom of our boundless hearts.

About the Venue

The Historic Colonial Theatre

This local performing arts theater has been around since the early 1940's, and has been cared for by the Santillan family for generations. Much of the theater has been preserved to its original charm. The atmosphere is grand, yet comforting. As soon as we saw it, we knew this was the perfect place for That Circus Show - appreciating vintage craft through a modern lens.


For decades, The Colonial Theatre has been a Sacramento community hub for the performing arts, from live theater, music, and film, to pro wrestling and boxing!

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The Colonial


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