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A Valentine's Circus Revue

Show Program

Step right up, lovebirds and heartbreakers alike, for an electrifying evening that will leave you breathless, blushing, and begging for more!


Prepare to be whisked away on a tantalizing journey of passion and excitement at Enchanté: A Valentine’s Circus Revue - a red-hot extravaganza where desire rules the night and inhibitions are tossed aside like last year's failed Tinder dates.

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Watch in awe as our talented aerialists gracefully defy gravity, twirling high in a whirlwind of romance. But hold onto your hearts, ladies and gentlemen, because our sultry acrobats will seduce you with their mesmerizing moves, leaving you breathless and hungry for more.


Get saucy with hair hanging, rope bondage, whips, and steamy burlesque - each captivating act will heighten your senses and awaken thrilling desires you never knew existed.


Mercenaries for Love

Aerial Sphere

Cupids for hire! Mercenaries for love, at your service. Have you ever looked around and thought, "man, I wish I could find love"? Other online dating services leave you to your own vices, but with our services, you can expect big payouts with little effort! Just tell us what you're looking for, and we'll put in the work to help you find the perfect match.

Performers: Laura Tucker & Danielle Johnson


Kiss the Girl

Flow Arts Burlesque

Immerse yourself in an underwater fantasy with this sexy mermaid as she seduces you with her enchanting lights and skillful staff spinning. Bask in waves of nostalgia as she tempts you to take a chance and make your move.

Performer: Lollie (featuring Rebecca, our amazing Stage Manager!)


Locks and Chains

Hair Suspension

Two lovers, suspended by their hair, interplay between dominance and submission as they lead the audience through a sensual journey of dance and aerial. This act, infused with an undercurrent of kink promises to leave the audience enthralled by its daring and provocative beauty.

Performers: Kate Raws & Kylee Schesser


Nah Nah


Pepare yourselves and get ready to be teased pleased for a tantalizing journey into the world of slow burn Boylesque. Guy Vigor is a versatile adaptation of burlesque and breakdance, comedy, and eroticism.

Performer: Guy Vigor



Aerial Pole

A subtle collision sparks a blossoming connection, guided by the mischievous hands of cupids. Two hearts, initially unaware of each other's presence, find themselves entwined in a graceful dance of fate unfolding a love story.

Performers: Nataya & Sherman Yu



Aerial Chair

The sweet yum of blending souls. Lost in the continuum, time and space can not keep her grounded. Let her divine feminine energy take you to another place and experience sensual pleasure.

Performer: Stacey Diamond



Spirals of Enchantment


Selysa Love summons your lust with a dance of flexibility and grace. Her body is a canvas for spellbinding shapes, showcasing the seamless fusion of sensuality and fairy-tale mystique. You never knew a forest creature could be so seductive.

Performer: Selysa Love


Dominatrix of dazzling hoops

Hula Hoops

Prepare to be entranced as the fearless leader of Aries Moon Circus takes the stage. With her seductive hula hooping act and a touch of circus magic, Mistress Kim (Kimmie Miller) weaves a spellbinding performance, commanding your attention with every twist and turn. Surrender to the allure of her circus dominatrix persona and embrace the tantalizing world of hula hooping under her captivating spell.

Performer: Kimmie Miller


A Rendezvous in Rope

Partner Acrobatics

In a captivating blend of strength, trust, and sensuality, this dynamic duo combines partner acrobatics with the artful use of shibari-inspired ties and restraints. As gravity-defying lifts unfold, one performer's body, intricately bound, becomes an alluring and captivating canvas in this visually stunning spectacle.

Performers: Maeley Peterson & Chris Peterson



Rope Dart & Whips

Embracing potent desire, Solaura channels a spectrum of sacred power play that celebrates the beauty of surrender. Layers of sensual rope dart caresses her skin as it rhythmically wraps around her twisting body, building tension to create ecstatic release. Primal senses are amplified with electric cracks of the whip to unleash a flood of dynamic pleasure. This act is brimming with passion, ingenuity, and divine transmutation of cathartic expression.

Performer: Christina Solaura


Do It For Me

Partner Acrobatics

Prepare to witness a performance where gravity surrenders to desire. An acrobatic love story that isn’t told with words, but with the sultry language of movement and touch. Their bodies entwined in grace and strength, Reno and Savanna’s raw sensuality will leave you intoxicated with lust and temptation.

Performers: Savanna Sanders & Reno Gorman




Thank you!

Thank you for showing up to support local Sacramento performance arts! Your support means the world to us as we work to spread the love of circus far and wide. Our community of performance artists thrives because of supporters like you, and the entire Aries Moon Circus family sincerely thanks you from the bottom of our boundless hearts.

About the Venue

The Historic Colonial Theatre

This local performing arts theater has been around since the early 1940's, and has been cared for by the Santillan family for generations. Much of the theater has been preserved to its original charm. The atmosphere is grand, yet comforting. As soon as we saw it, we knew this was the perfect place for Aries Moon Circus.


For decades, The Colonial Theatre has been a Sacramento community hub for the performing arts, from live theater, music, and film, to pro wrestling and boxing!

Learn More About

The Colonial


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