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LED/glow Performers

Our LED performers are entertainment professionals who will dazzle and delight your guests.

What is an LED performance?

LED shows involve the use of colorful LED light displays to wow and enchant. All of our LED hoops, jugglers, and poi feature a wide range of color and pattern options, so we can adjust our light settings to match your event theme.

why hire an LED Performer for an event?

LED Glow shows are a perfect alternative for a venue that cannot have fire. You get all the dazzle without the heat! Our LED performers are ideal for nighttime events, featuring skilled glowing prop manipulation paired with engaging dance to light up the night.

LED Jugglers

What types of LED Shows do we do?

Create ambience at your music event, party, or celebration with background LED hoopers.


Hire our LED/Glow performers to create an enchanting atmosphere at your event and keep your guests entertained with ambient LED/glow dancing to any music. LED/Glow shows keep the excitement going throughout the night with hypnotizing, engaging light performances.

LED Choreograph Shows


Aries Moon Circus can provide a beautifully choreographed multi-prop show for any event, ranging from 10-15 minute solo shows up to 30 minute group shows. If you’re looking to add that extra “WOW” factor to your event to excite and inspire your guests, this is the package you want!

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What types of events do we perform at?

LED/Glow shows are perfect for all types of events! You get the dazzle effect of the lights without the precautions needed for fire, so LED/Glow shows are an excellent addition to any event - dance parties, weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, celebrations of all kinds, as well as corporate events and church functions.

Why choose Aries Moon Circus?

We are a professional group of entertainers that know how to engage a crowd. Aries Moon Circus offers a wide range of LED prop options to choose from, and all our performers will bring a magnetic and hypnotizing presence to your event.

LED Show Venue Requirements

  • We will need approximately 12”x12” of space for solo performer shows.

  • Duo and Group Shows will need a performance area approximately 15”x15”.

  • We perform at dusk or nighttime only, we do not do daytime LED shows.

LED dragon staff and LED hooper performers


"I have booked this performance troupe many times at my Woot² events over the years [at] FACES nightclub & they never fail to delight a crowd! Each member of this collective is so unique, skilled, professional & friendly. They definitely add that extra flare & make circus performance accessible to many!"

Cristina C. | October 2021

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