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About Our Circus

Community-based artistic performance

Aries Moon Circus is a collaborative membership-based collective of creative individuals dedicated to something greater than themselves-inspiring you through storytelling, joy, and circus arts!

We love circus, movement, and most importantly, creative expression. We believe in community bonding and the growth of all individuals. We are active in our communities, and acknowledge the growth that happens within an individual when invested in a creative activity.

Our Story

Aries Moon Circus started as a group of friends who shared a passion for fire and flow performance. Many of us have worked in the professional global entertainment industry for several years, while others started out as simple flame enthusiasts. We found ourselves practicing together on a regular basis, and quickly discovered connections between our choreographed performances that eventually led to our first fully-formed show in March 2021: The Spring Sparktacular! The fire has been burning bright since then.

About Aries Moon Circus

Meet The Team

Kimmie Miller - Founder & Director - Previously of Spinnity Hoops
Copy of CMP_0514_edited.jpg

Kimberly Miller

Founder & Director

Lollie Brande - Dragon Staff & Aerialist - Marketing Manager of Aries Moon Circus
Lollie 2_edited.jpg

Lollie Brande


Adam Busch - Rope Dartist Extraordinaire & Digital Manager
Adam 2.JPG

Adam Busch

Digital Manager

David Schults Production Manager of Aries Moon Circus
David 2_edited.jpg

David Schultz

Production Manager

Chirstiana Jones - Fire Dancer of Moon Circus
Christiana 2.jpg

Christiana Jones


Hyacinth - Aerialist Performer of Aries Moon Circus
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Matt Fantastic - Juggler and Clown of Aries Moon Circus
Matt 2.jpg

Matt Fantastic


Cierra Baccarella - Fire Performer and Aerialist of Aries Moon Circus
Cierra 2.JPG

Cierra Baccarella


Stacey DeVargas - Aerialist Performer of Aries Moon Circus
Copy of CMP_0803_edited.jpg

Stacey Diamond


Sam Gibbens - Juggler, Clown and Fire Performer with Aries Moon Circus
Copy of CMP_0211_edited.jpg

The Midtown Juggler


What's Up With The Name?

We're so happy you asked! The birthplace of this circus is a house with three astrological Aries Moons-quite the coincidence if you ask me! We like to listen to synchronicities of the universe, thus Aries Moon Circus was born. Constellations have been with humankind since we were but a speck in the universe, and we enjoy paying homage to the stars that have guided us all our existence.

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