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Aerial Arts

Our aerial artists are strong and flexible performers that will bring a unique “wow” factor to any event.

What Are Aerial Arts?

Aerial Arts are high-flying entertainment for your event. These shows involve a performer suspended in the air, displaying incredible acrobatics and keeping your guests enchanted with beautiful and engaging displays of athletic skill.

Why hire an aerial performance for an event?

Aerial performances are perfect for enthralling attendees with incredible feats of strength and flexibility. We can also provide ambient engagement by serving drinks and providing fun photo opportunities.

Are Aerial Performances safe?

Our aerial performers are strong, flexible, and safe. We inspect all equipment before every show, and take extra safety precautions to ensure the performances run smoothly and safely.

Sacramento aerial hoop dancers for hire.

What types of Aerial performances do we do?

Book aerial cirque performances for your event entertainment.


Our aerialist dancers will provide gorgeous background entertainment to any music your event has playing. These incredible feats of strength and flexibility are the perfect addition to every occasion, and with different rig options to meet your venue needs, we can provide a show for any event.

Aerialist Hoop Dancers booking for events, shows, and parties.


Aries Moon Circus aerialists will perform tightly-choreographed routines at various points throughout your event. The segments are cohesive and inspiring, keeping guests completely enamored by the visual effects and technical skill that each choreographed routine presents.

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sacramento aerialist aerial performer aerial hoop

What types of events do we perform at?

Aerial arts are perfect for any kind of event - weddings, celebrations, corporate events, church functions - we can cater our show to your theme. Aerial acts add a unique flare to keep guests enthralled and engaged. We have aerial options for large event spaces as well as smaller venues.

What do I need to Know about The Aerialist Apparatus?

Looking to hire an aerialist for your event but do not have the ability to rig from the ceiling or the room for a full aerial rig? No problem! LyraPole/Lollipop aerialists are the perfect solution for any event! The apparatus is free standing and perfect for ambient event entertainment. Performers can also serve champagne for fun photo opportunities with guests!

Why choose Aries Moon Circus?

We offer various types of aerial acts for you to choose from. Our aerialists specialize in aerial hoop/lyra, silks, and the lyra pole lollipop! Our performers are strong, flexible, and graceful and move their bodies with ease around the apparatus.


Aerial rig rental is available, as well as an x-stage Lyra Pole.

Aerial Show Venue Requirements

  • LyraPole/Lollipop: Requires a minimum ceiling height of 9’6”. The round base of the stage measures 5ft diameter and 4-inch podium height. Some stages have extendable feet and will need 7ft diameter to be clear of obstructions.

  • Full Aerial Rig for Silks Aerialists: Requires 22ft of ceiling height and a 25' x 25' foot print for the rig at it's max height.

Aerial Hoop Dancing Performers


"Kimberly is absolutely wonderful! Professional, timely, talented and fun! Thank you for taking our event to the next level. We couldn't have been happier. Bravo!"

Vanessa A., Copper Cane Winery | October 2021

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